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5 January, 2018

Order Up: Golden Milk Latte at Steel City Coffeehouse

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In our new column, “Order Up,” we find the tastiest things to eat and drink in Greater Philadelphia and Central Pennsylvania, and we pass the deliciousness on to you!

To kick off the first week of our Wellness + Love theme, we’d originally planned to share an uber-healthy, leafy-green packed dish with you. But, let’s face it: In the middle of an arctic tundra (or bomb cyclone, or whatever terrifying name they’ll think of next), raw veggies are not what we’re craving!

Instead of going to the other extreme of over-the-top decadent comfort food, we searched for something warming, fortifying and filling — but still nutritious. And we found just that in the Golden Milk Latte at Steel City Coffeehouse in downtown Phoenixville.

Golden milk, named for its brilliant natural color, is a traditional drink in Indian cuisine. Over the last year or so, it’s been enjoying an upsurge in popularity in the American mainstream. Despite its name, golden milk contains no dairy — this heady tonic is made primarily from the healing root turmeric, the vibrant ochre-hued spice that’s also recently trended as a superfood. Known as “the spice of life” in India, turmeric has been touted (first in ayurvedic medicine and now by Western science) for its medicinal properties, reportedly boasting over 150 therapeutic benefits. Many people find it particularly useful as an immunity-booster in the cold and flu seasons.

Steel City’s Golden Milk Latte begins with fresh turmeric and ginger roots and adds a hit of black pepper which helps turmeric’s beneficial properties to be absorbed by the body. This mixture is swirled into almond milk with a touch of honey for sweetness and topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Steel City’s owner Laura Vernola, says that this elixir is very popular among her customers. “With its earthy, robust flavor, golden milk is an excellent brew to enjoy first thing in the morning or as a natural pick-me-up any time of day,” she says.

Try it next time you’re in Phoenixville, and chase away the frigid cold with this warming, restorative beverage!

Find Steel City Coffeehouse at 203 Bridge St. in Phoenixville; phone: (484) 924-8425.

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