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17 October, 2017

Crazy But True: I Used a FasciaBlaster, and It Reduced My Cellulite

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“Have you ever heard of fascia?” I glanced at my phone with a puzzled expression upon reading my friend’s text. It was the first time I had ever heard of it let alone that it was a part of my body and truthfully, I had no idea. But as someone who is always seeking out new advances in health and wellness, I was keen to know more, so I jumped online to do some research. That’s when I uncovered the work of Ashley Black and her massage tool, the FasciaBlaster, which has garnered a cult-like following for its claims to reduce the look of cellulite.

My first reaction was that this is just another infomercial gimmick, but as I read through the reviews and the science, I had to try it for myself. Even Toni Garrn (a former Victoria’s Secret model who you’d think wouldn’t have an ounce of cellulite) is a fan. According to Harper’s Bazaar, Garrn has been working with Black for three years. “There’s lots of bruising, but I love the immediate results,” Garrn says. “My legs got smoother and smaller right away. It’s like magic.” Okay, okay, I’m sold. I purchased the Mini 2 just to get started.

As soon as it arrived in the mail, I turned it into a nightly self-care ritual. After my shower, I’d massage my legs up and down, and to begin with, it hurt, but I didn’t experience the bruising I had read so much about online. I focused on the upper and inner parts of my thighs, where I had the most stubborn cellulite, and my calf muscles, where I typically have swelling from fluid retention. For transparency, I don’t have a ton of cellulite by any means, but as I’ve gotten older (I’m 37), I have noticed that despite regular exercise (I rotate Tracy Anderson and Ballet Beautiful workouts with walking) and a healthy diet, I still couldn’t get rid of the dimples just above my knee.

While I had my doubts, I’m a convert now. I honestly noticed a difference after just one week. Not only did it reduce the look of cellulite, but it felt good to massage my legs. After a few months of using it every other night or so, my legs are smoother and more toned in appearance. Not only that, but it worked wonders for my fluid retention. I can’t believe how much it has helped, especially during my menstrual cycle when it’s typically at its peak.

Even though I experienced positive results, I still had a lot of questions. So I reached out to Black, and she gave us her insights for a complete FasciaBlaster review.