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4 October, 2017

A Guide to the Essential Restaurants in 24 Eater Cities

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From hand-pulled noodles in London to Cajun fare in Atlanta, here’s where to eat in 24 Eater cities

Stellar New York-style bagels in Austin. Destination ramen just outside of Boston. Korean in Chicago from a promising, up-and-coming chef. An ambitious izakaya inside a Las Vegas hotel. And that’s just getting started.

Those are just a few of the newest additions to the Eater 38 across 24 different cities. The Eater 38 serves as the answer to the age-old question, “Where should we eat for dinner tonight?” Each city’s individual map works to incorporate a range of neighborhoods, cuisines, and price ranges, presenting a mini-snapshot of the state of dining in that particular city. Restaurants must be open at least six months to be eligible for the list (newer destinations are highlighted on the Eater Heatmaps). Use each map as an incentive to pick up an addictive fried bologna sandwich in Detroit, killer quesadillas from a LA food truck, or way too much Korean barbecue in Manhattan.

 Courtesy Charleston Grill
Short Rib from Upland Miami
 Chaucee Stillman
Potato gnocchi with lamb from Fork in Philly