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9 February, 2018

A Guide to America’s Essential Chocolate Shops

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Where to find the best bonbons and truffles, from coast to coast

It’s no longer difficult to find beautifully decorated chocolates, sea salted caramels, or delicately scented truffles: Almost every major city in the U.S. sports a shop that offers something special, whether it’s a collection of single-origin chocolate bars or bonbons filled with spiked ganache and coated in paint swipes of color. Others use local fruit, fresh herbs, and hard-to-find spices to enhance each chocolate variety, allowing the flavors to dance on the tongue as they melt.

There’s no shortage of treats — especially of the mass-market variety, the type Hershey’s, Mars, Whitman’s, and Godiva peddle. The trick, then, is in distinguishing the handmade and carefully crafted from the mass-produced marketing hype. Here’s where to buy a truly excellent box of chocolates, organized by category of confection.

Bonbons, truffles, and boxed chocolates

 Michelle & Chris Gerard/Facebook
Treat at Bon Bon Bon in Detroit.
 Courtesy Stick With Me Sweets
Bonbons at NYC’s Stick With Me Sweets.

Chocolate bars and other confections

 Jacques Torres Chocolates/Facebook

Single origin, bean-to-bar, and sustainably sourced

 Dandelion Chocolate/Facebook
Bars from San Francisco’s Dandelion.
A ginger and hibiscus bar from Chocovivo.