14 August, 2016


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We chat with Nike Master Trainer, Kirsty Godso, on what keeps her motivated, how she fuels her workouts, (she loves our RAW Goodness Cacao Protein Food Bar), and how she achieves her enviable physique.

So how does one become a Nike Master Trainer?

Probably one of my most frequently asked questions! Becoming a Nike Master Trainer is a huge honour as it is a position that Nike hand picks trainers for, based on their specific talents. There are a group of us spread across the globe, covering all major territories and our role involves anything from leading workouts (ranging anywhere from 15-3,000 people), training athletes, working behind, and in front of the camera on photoshoots, planning workouts for both NTC live and the NTC app, writing for Nike.com and overseeing other Nike trainers.

For the past 4 years I have been the Nike Master Trainer for the Pacific region, but travelling globally for most of the last two years. I have recently moved into a new role in the North American team, basing myself mostly in Los Angeles and New York.

Obviously 9-5 is not your thing, so when you’re not travelling, what would a more typical day look like for you?

A typical day for me starts early! I usually get up at 5:30am – this is my natural wake up time. Some mornings I will train someone or train myself, otherwise I’m straight into work emails and playing catch up, as the US are already up and much of my correspondence is with Nike and various other companies based there. Then it’s straight into a healthy homemade breakfast and coffee (or Odette’s if I’m in New Zealand –my fav café).

Once my food has digested I will usually do a workout where I focus on my own training, or new workouts I’m tweaking. From afternoon to evening I am usually training people for Nike, and at the same time trying to stay on top of my emails and conference calls! It’s always surprising to people how much “desk work” is actually involved with our job. At night I like to do my own workout again – sometimes a class so I can experience a workout with other people – and shut down a little bit and then healthy homemade dinner and bed. Each day is a little different but they all have common components of sweat, coffee, avocado and a lot of laughing.

What’s your fitness philosophy?

Nothing is given, you have to earn it. A lot of things with fitness require patience, persistence and discipline. I try to make the people I train fall in love with the way they feel when they workout; so that it becomes less of a task and more of an activity welcomed into their life.


Being more at the extreme end of things with workouts and training would be extra demanding on your body. How do you nourish it?

I eat a lot, and I eat well! One thing I won’t compromise on is my food. I demand a lot from my body so it is very important that I fuel it properly with good food choices so that I’m not only good to go energy wise, but so I can recover faster. I am very particular about what I eat and I know what works for my body.

I eat organic as much as possible, I avoid sugar and I eat a lot of good proteins and healthy fats. I think it’s really important to enjoy your food but also to make the right food choices for your body – we are all very different so there is no one formula for everyone.

Being where you are right now does not come without a lot of hard work, your Zoom Fast workout was released on the Nike+ Training Club App last year, what motivates you?

It was always a dream of mine to have a workout on the Nike+ Training Club App, so it was very surreal when Zoom Fast launched. Before it had even come out I actually shot my second workout in Paris, Zoom in 10, then worked extensively on the updated NTC App in Los Angeles late last year filming and creating content, which was recently refreshed in June.

I love to learn and try new things so I’m always obsessed I guess you could say with trying new workouts or training methods. It helps having regularly scheduled Nike photoshoots and events to stay on my game but I’m mostly motivated by my own progression as a trainer, which helps me be a better trainer for others.


So if we want killer abs and legs like yours, what workouts would we have to do?

It’s definitely a combination of training and nutrition that will make the biggest difference to these two areas of the body. Try and find a healthy balance of strength, endurance and mobility work in your weekly schedule so that you’re getting well rounded workouts and won’t burn out.

I’m a big fan of High-Intensity workouts as they provide amazing results, and they’re best utilised 2-3 times a week max and complemented by other training styles such as weight training and yoga/mobility work. The more you exercise the more you need to focus on what you’re putting into your body also. Learn to listen to your body and figure out what upsets it and what makes you feel great! It can be a bit of a frustrating trial and error process but once you nail it you’ll feel and look amazing.

You travel quite a bit, where is your favourite city to live as a local in and of course work out in?

I’d have to say New York! The fitness culture there is amazing. They have so many incredible workouts on offer and everyone there turns up to workouts to actually put in the work. The hustle of that city is very much my style and they have some amazing food on offer too.

So there you have it, the fitness and food philosophy of a Nike Master Trainer. For some serious fitness inspiration, workouts and to keep up to date with Nike events follow @kirstygodso

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