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12 August, 2017

11 Healthy One-Pan Brunch Recipes

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There’s no bigger brunch buzzkill than cooking up a complicated homemade meal only to have a stack of dishes waiting for you as soon as you take your last bite. Sure, eggs and breakfast potatoes or healthy pancakes are a delicious way to kick off a weekend day, but they require more effort than you’re usually willing to put in, and more dishes than you’re willing to clean. A counter cluttered with dishes doesn’t exactly give off that “easy like a Sunday morning” vibe.

Plus, when everything comes together in one pan, the entire recipe is simplified. There are fewer elements to keep an eye on, which is key first thing in the morning (particularly if it follows a late night).

Whether you’re cooking just for you or for an entire crew, these 11 one-pan brunch recipes can stand up to your go-to restaurant order. And because they’re a breeze to throw together and clean up, you’ll be free to get on with your afternoon adventures, even if your afternoon adventures involve a couch and Netflix.